SW Queensland Drives: Warrego Way and Adventure Way

One of our most recent projects was on behalf of Peter Homan at OQTA. The object was to capture the essence of South West Queensland and two key drive itineraries with a journey along the Warrego and Adventure Ways via Birdsville and the Dig Tree.

It was fantastic to be back in one of my favourite parts of the state catching up with people who make the outback such a warm and fun place to visit. This was a ten day expedition covering over 3000 kms.

A cameramans delight , this part of South West Queensland lends itself to beautiful big sky imagery. From Roma and The Channel Country and then beyond Birdsville to the border into South Australia.

Apart from the OQTA request for a sizzle reel for the upcoming Australian Tourism Exchange event in Sydney (we were in region 10 days before ATE) , we also produced a series of videos for digital distribution on each of the key regions along the way and then also produced three ‘I know a place’ type videos with key stakeholders in the region.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk with some old friends who have a real affinity for this part of the state. Martin Josselyn talked about Birdsville as a holiday destination.



Stuart Mackenzie talked about the beauty of The Outback. Carmel Murant talked about how easy travel is out west and the things to see and do.

On this trip we liaised with the local VIC’s along the way and captured vision of not just our journey but also some of the newer tourism infrastructure being offered up. We went about this work confidently with a keen knowledge of the region and an understanding of what was expected by the client.

The client was not with us on this journey but we were able to chat both morning and night about the key deliverables and requirements of the OQTA. The total number of video’s delivered to the client by Broadkast was just over twenty and we have now delivered the complete body of work to the client.

I am happy to say we are about to embark on our next adventure on behalf of the OQTA and I am very much looking forward to capturing more special Queensland Outback moments in time.


Dean Miller


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